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In an inspiring display of collaboration and determination, our students have once again demonstrated their commitment to hands-on learning and the environment. With the guidance of our partners at Westmoreland Sanctuary and Pono NYC, we embarked on a journey that not only taught us valuable survival skills but also deepened our connection with nature.

The highlight of this adventure was the construction of a fire pit, a project that required students to work together effectively. Despite the challenges posed by the elements, our students showed remarkable persistence. Their success in building the fire pit serves as a powerful example of what can be achieved through teamwork, echoing the benefits of outdoor learning.

But the learning didn’t stop at fire-making. Our students also had the opportunity to engage with local wildlife, including snakes and rabbits. Through interactive activities, they gained a deeper understanding of these animals.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to @westmorelandsanc and for their invaluable support and expertise. Their dedication to teaching has left a lasting impact on our students. As part of the #jaguarfamily, we are proud to see our students thrive in their endeavors and look forward to more adventures that challenge them to grow and learn in harmony with the environment.