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Today was a day that students will never forget. Ed Sheeran made a surprise visit to the school to perform, talk to students about his successes and challenges in the music industry, and listen to the school’s very own rock band.

The visit was made possible by community partner Save the Music, a non-profit organization that provides musical instruments and instruction to students in underserved communities. Sheeran has been a longtime supporter of Save the Music, and he was excited to meet with students and share his love of music with them.

Sheeran’s visit was a truly special day for the students. It was an opportunity for them to meet one of the world’s most successful musicians and learn from his experiences. Sheeran’s visit also highlighted the importance of music education in schools. Music can help students develop their creativity, self-confidence, and problem-solving skills. It can also provide them with a sense of community and belonging. #gojaguars