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Students were recently welcomed at the Hartley lab at New York University for an immersive experience at the intersection of neuroscience, computer programming, and biases.

This educational visit provided the students with a unique opportunity to engage with real scientific practices and learn about the brain’s complexities and the subtle influences of implicit biases. During their time at the lab, the students had the extraordinary chance to touch and hold a real human brain, providing them with a tangible connection to the human anatomy and the marvels of the nervous system.

The visit also included an interactive session using a computer game to explore the concept of implicit bias. This game allowed students to understand how unconscious biases can shape our perceptions and actions, an important lesson in self-awareness and critical thinking. Students learned about the workings of a functional MRI machine, gaining insights into how this technology is used in cognitive science research to study brain activity and functions.

The team at the Hartley lab provided an invaluable educational experience that went beyond the traditional classroom setting. We extend our gratitude to the Hartley lab for their hospitality and for the learning environment where students can explore and grow.