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Guidance and College Counseling

The High School for Climate Justice believes in a distributive counseling model; providing many opportunities for students to engage in academic, social-emotional and post-secondary support with multiple adults in the building and outside community organizations.


Class of 2027: Ms. Martinez
Class of 2026: Dr. Cantres
Class of 2025: Mr. Williams
Class of 2024: Ms. Zaharakis

CREW (Advisory): All teachers, guidance counselors, and administration will be assigned around 9 students each to build relationships with, check in with, and support over the course of the school year. Crew Captains will be responsible for checking in with each of their students each week to check on their social-emotional and academic needs. Crew Captains should also check in with them to see how things are going when they are learning at home and if they need support with anything. If they are struggling with social-emotional issues, Crew Captains can connect them with their guidance counselor.

Guidance Counseling Office: Each Guidance Counselor follows a cohort of students from 9th grade to 11th grade to build relationships with both the students and their families. In their fourth year, students are transferred to our 12th Grade & College Counselor who has specialized in the post-secondary transitional needs of students.