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We recently celebrated a vibrant and diverse community with the annual International Day event, a festive lead to Spring Break.

The event kicked off with a delightful “taste” of different foods, generously provided by staff and families. Each dish offered a unique flavor, representing the diverse backgrounds of our school community. This culinary journey allowed students and staff alike to experience and appreciate the wide array of cultures present at our school.

The performing arts department took center stage with a series of captivating performances that showcased the talents of our students. These performances were entertaining as well as a powerful expression of cultural heritage and artistic prowess. Adding to the festivities, a fashion show featured traditional attire from around the world.

The event culminated in a flag ceremony, where flags from various countries were proudly displayed, symbolizing the unity and inclusivity of our school community. This ceremony was a reminder of the shared values that connect us, despite our diverse backgrounds. The day ended on a sweet note with delicious treats from @deliciosococohelado_ served on our terrace. Adding a fun and festive end to the day’s celebrations.