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The Class of 2027 recently took their spirit of adventure to new heights at Zip Long Island, where they tackled high ropes courses and soared across zip lines.

Navigating the high ropes course, students challenged themselves and each other, overcoming obstacles with the support of their peers. The ropes course, designed to test balance and strength, provided a perfect metaphor for the challenges they might face. Each step taken and every hand extended for support strengthened the bonds between them while building trust among classmates.

Launching from platforms high in the trees, students experienced the freedom of flight as they zipped from tree to tree. This activity not only brought fun and excitement but also instilled a sense of achievement and courage among the students.

We sincerely thank Zip Long Island for hosting the Class of 2027’s recent adventure. This trip was an engaging and dynamic challenge that was crucial in fostering teamwork and resilience. Here’s to many more adventures that strengthen our community and enrich our students’ school experience! Thank you for your hospitality.