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In an inspiring display of cultural harmony, the Buhler High School Choir from the heart of Buhler, Kansas, graced New York City with their vocal talents. 

The event was a beautiful blend as our own Senior Band & Rock Band joined in, adding their unique sounds to the mix. The performances were a testament to the power of the arts in bringing people together.

Following the musical showcase, the students from both groups sat down to a feast that was as much a cultural exchange as the performances themselves. They savored the rich flavors of Dominican and Puerto Rican cuisine, a culinary representation of NYC’s diverse cultural tapestry.

This gathering was made even more special thanks to the efforts of Dulce, Jillian, and Zee, whose dedication to the community luncheon provided a warm, welcoming atmosphere. We believe that it’s moments like these that truly define the spirit of our #jaguarfamily. By embracing our differences and celebrating our shared love for the arts, we create a foundation for lasting friendships and an opportunity to build connections.