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The 27th Annual Gandhi-King Season for Non-Violence Symposium, hosted by the New York Society for Ethical Culture (@ethicalnyc), was a day imbued with the spirit of peace and the power of community.

This event, part of a global observance dedicated to promoting non-violence, brought together students, educators, and civil rights icons to celebrate and educate through performance and dialogue.

The symposium showcased the talents of students who expressed their commitment to non-violence through various performances. The dance club captivated the audience with choreography that spoke to the themes of peace and unity. The rock band and Senior band delivered powerful musical performances that resonated with the message of the day.

The event was graced by the presence of civil rights luminaries Angeline Butler and Walter Naegle. Their contributions to the struggle for justice and equality added a profound sense of history and purpose to the proceedings. The symposium culminated in a United Nations flag ceremony, a symbolic act that celebrated the rich human diversity of New York City and the world. 

This ceremony served as a reminder of the interconnectedness of all people and the shared aspiration for a world where non-violence prevails in the face of conflict and adversity. Join us in reflecting on this powerful day and in continuing the work of building a more peaceful and just world.